Today (Friday 1 August) is Yorkshire Day, a day to celebrate all things weird and wonderful about the UK’s biggest county. It also got us thinking about those awesome takeaway items you can only find in certain parts of the country. So as we thank Yorkshire for ‘chip spice’ and the ‘scallop patty’ (see below) join us celebrating some other fantastical foods of these fair isles…

What: Chicken parmo
Where: Middlesbrough, Teesside

They say a night out in the Teesside town isn’t complete without popping into a local takeaway for one of these chickeny champs. A parmo is a deep-fried chicken breast that’s then smothered in béchamel sauce (the stuff you get in a lasagne). The dish is then topped with a bit more cheese before being grilled and served up on a bed of chips.

What: Chip spice
Where: Hull, Humberside

Hull was recently crowned the UK’s City of Culture for 2017, and here’s one possible reason why: The port invented a seasoning called ‘chip spice’ which you’ll universally find in all their chip shops and takeaways. The not-so-secret blend of salt, paprika and tomato powder is something Hull can be truly proud of.

What: The hoagie
Where: Glasgow, Scotland

Glasgow may have just hosted an epic sporting tournament, but even the toughest of athletes would have their work cut out tackling this marathon meal. The Glaswegian gut-buster normally consists of a chapati filled with kebab meat, chips, cheese and a special spicy hoagie sauce.

What: Half and half
Where: Cardiff, Wales

Our Cardiff correspondents tell us of a menu option that’s unique to the city’s curry restaurants. Instead of just rice, asking for ‘half and half’ with your curry will get you (wait for it) half rice and half chips. What an age!

What: Orange chips
Where: West Midlands

‘What madness is this?’ you ask. Never mind curly or crinkle-cut fries, it’s a Black Country quirk to dip chips in an orange batter before frying them. The tradition of battering chips goes back to the wartime years when locals believed the eye-catching colour would break the everyday monotony of rationed food. Nowadays some chip shops even add a dash of paprika to the batter for an added glow.

What: Scallop patty
Where: Yorkshire

Curiously this Yorkshire takeaway delicacy contains no fish. Instead it’s patty made up of mashed potato, sage and onion and then deep-fried in chip shop style batter. In West Yorkshire it’s served in a ‘teacake’ (bread roll) with a spoonful of mushy peas for good measure.

What: Pie in a bap
Where: Wigan, Lancashire

Folk in the red rose county are not ones to be outdone by Yorkshire, so their answer to the scallop patty is to enjoy a meat and potato pie stuffed inside a buttered ‘barm cake’ (bread roll). The whole thing is topped off with a spoonful of what is referred to as ‘pea wet’ – which is the juice from mushy peas. Pea wet. It’s a thing.

Did we get anything totally wrong? Did we miss something out? Let us know below…