Once upon a dinnertime, in the magical world of Just Eat, there lived a young woman named Snow White in need of some food for a dinner party.

She had recently agreed to host a festive reunion for some old friends, or as she called it ‘a squad gathering’. Her dwarvish friends were known for their small talk and huge appetites; low and behold as the day approached, in came the Whatsapp messages asking what was for dinner. First it was Meaty, then Veggie, Dairy, Soupy, Sweety, Carby and Pescy – each with their own dinner party food ideas.  

Snow White started to panic. Worse still, the guests were set to arrive at 7pm sharp but owing to an iCal malfunction, Snow White had only been reminded at 5 (she had recently transitioned from PC). This left her zero time to prepare any food herself, ‘what an absolute shocker’ she screamed!

As she caught a glimpse of her livid reflection, she knew what she needed to do – order food in. But with who? It was time to consult the mystic mirror. So she turned to it and asked ‘mirror, mirror on the wall, which takeaway app will feed them all?’. The reply was instantaneous ‘it is Just Eat of course, perhaps you could order in a Bento Box? Or How about a mezze platter from your local Turkish grill? Stringy Pizza? Chinese? Indian?’

‘OK OK I get the message’ said Snow White back to mirror, ‘you’re slowing me down man!’ It was decided: Just Eat was the best app in the land for both damsels in distress and their esteemed fussy guests. Without hesitation, she fired up the app and quickly saw that there was something for everyone. As the delivery driver hurtled through the night she felt a sense of serenity descend over her, safe in the knowledge that her guests would Just Eat happily ever after. The End.