The party season is well and truly upon us, and that means festivities galore. Whatever your plans in the run up to Christmas, we’ve got a few handy ideas to help you survive the season…

Streamline your calendar

Loads going on this December? Create your own event and get everyone you want to see this festive season together in one place. Crank up the Christmas tunes, order in heaps of takeaway and get the board games out.

Find the perfect gift

With all the festivities, it’s easy to forget that you got Dave from accounts as your Secret Santa. While he’ll never know that it was you that gifted him the half spent giftcard from last year, we recommend getting ahead and planning your gifts early. And, if you do forget (which you probably will), an IOU for an office takeaway lunch will always do the trick…

Send all your cards on time

Sending cards to far flung relatives and friends this year? Set yourself a timed target and get ready to perfect that signature. Order a burger to be delivered upon your return and bask in the knowledge that you didn’t forget anyone this time around.

Have a backup plan

Not feeling the festivities? Make sure you’ve got a backup plan – the old, I’m washing my hair excuse won’t cut it at Christmas.

Create the ultimate playlist

Sometimes you’re just feeling a bit bah humbug… Prep yourself for the festivities with a curated Christmas playlist to get you in the mood if you’re feeling a little un-festive. You’ll be ready to put your dancing shoes on in no time.

Eat responsibly

We’ve all been there. Three extra helpings of roast dinner later and you’re feeling about as ready to party as a lead balloon. Our advice? Choose something light but substantial before you go out… think chow mein, a thin crust pizza or a meze platter.

Fancy a festive feast? Why not check out what’s on the menu in your area?