Thanks to our friends across the pond, we’ve adopted possibly the craziest shopping day in calendar. But as us Brits are known for our quiet, calm and refined demeanor… surely we don’t need a guide to handling the most intense day of sales this year, right? Wait. Did someone say discounted iPad?

To help you brighten up your Black Friday, we’ve put together the ultimate survival guide. So read on fellow bargain hunter, and shop savvy this year. And of course, if you’re boycotting the entire thing this year, you could always just grab yourself a takeaway and watch the madness unfold from the comfort of your living room…

Plan ahead

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with each and every store and restaurant yelling discounts at you everywhere you look. Whether you’re grabbing a bargain online or heading out to the shops, arm yourself before you even begin – or else you’ll end up with a basket full of decorative fridge magnets and a glittery toilet seat, just because they were on offer. (Unless of course, you’re desperately on the hunt for bargain fridge magnets and a glittery toilet seat… hey, each to their own, we’re not judging).

Go beyond Christmas gifts

You might be shopping for Christmas, but don’t forget there are loads of other great deals to be had, beyond the Christmas season. Check out travel sites and see if you can bag a bargain for some summer sunshine or stock up on birthday presents to see you the whole year through.

Budget yourself

Tempted by a 12 piece set of gold lacquered crockery? Ask yourself, do you really need it? Is it in your budget plan? If it’s an impulse buy that’s going to put a hole in your Christmas finances, put it back on the shelf. Less impulse buying means more takeaway later. It’s a win-win.

Take time to refuel

You made it through the day! You found the perfect prezzie for your great grandma’s cousin’s sister and you’re pretty sure your mum will love that discounted toilet roll holder you found. Now it’s time to treat yourself. Sit back, relax and enjoy your favourite dishes all delivered right to your door.