With Father’s Day upon us, there’s no better excuse to order takeaway. Dad’ll love you for it, you’ll stop him from attempting to master the BBQ, and you’ll get some tasty grub in the process… mini fist pump, pops!

To give you some inspiration for giving papa the perfect weekend, we’ve paired our favourite famous dads with their ultimate takeaway partners.

Darth Vader

With a dad like Darth, his takeaway choice has gotta be out of this world. For a feast fit for a Jedi, we suggest creating a hybrid takeaway for an experience unlike any other. Need some inspiration? We’ve already done the hard work for you… check out some of our jurassic mash-ups here.

Homer Simpson

If your dad’s partial to a doughnut or ten, (and, well, pretty much everything edible) like good ol’ Homer, we’ve got the ideal treat to make his Father’s Day perfect. Our doughnut/breakfast mash-up combines all the favourites in one handheld piece of perfection…

Prince William

The only choice here has to be a feast fit for a future king. And while we’re on the subject, we think a meat feast pizza would go down a treat. We don’t reckon that the prince skimps on the sides either, so if you’re treating your dad like royalty this weekend, why not go all out?

Peter Griffin

‘Well everybody knows, that the bird is the word’ when it comes to Peter Griffin. For the ideal Father’s Day treat we suggest plates of chicken wings and heaps of sides. Don’t forget a beer to wash it all down to be in true Peter Griffin style.

David Beckham

Whether he’s visiting far flung places or out and about with his kids, this guy’s always on the go… For a dad that never stops, we suggest ordering in something Thai with a kick of spice. Bonus points if you go for some satay skewers that can be eaten on the go.

What are you ordering in for Father’s Day? Let us know over on Twitter.