The Great British summer is back. And we know it won’t be around for long. Our hot tip is to make the most of every minute — here’s how.

No more eating al desko

Al fresco is the way to go. All day long, preferably. But if you’re at work, half an hour or so will make you feel fine as you dine. Get your order delivered to the office, then head to the nearest piece of green. Pronto.

Lighter lunch picks

When temperatures climb, some people’s appetites for hearty cuisines drop. Ain’t no shame in that. Make mediterranean food your friend. Let’s face it, with summers like theirs, those guys know what to eat in the heat. Sushi is another way to go. And Thai. And Vietnamese. And charcoal grills are a winner, whatever the weather. Just hold the fries and get a crisp and crunchy salad on the side instead.

Grub in the garden

If you’ve got your own personal garden space at home, you’re all set. Just unroll the picnic rug or dust off the deckchairs and wait for your order to arrive. Keep the cold drinks flowing of course.

Picnics in the park

No garden to yourself? The great outdoors is all yours and it loves to share. Just get your order delivered at home, make a beeline for the nearest park and top up your vitamin D as you eat. Mmm, Greek salad, lamb shish, or maybe chicken peri-peri instead? We’ll bring you sunshine.

The other advantage of taking it outside is that you can meet all your mates. Once you’ve digested, a game of softball or volleyball could go down a treat. If you’ve remembered your jumpers for goalposts, footy is always a good shout.

If none of that floats your boat, who doesn’t love a spot of people watching? Take your time over dessert and just watch the world go by.

Hungry yet? Click below for some delicious, lighter bites while the sun’s shining.