Our new ads celebrate the tiny euphoric moments we all enjoy as a result of ordering takeaway. These #minifistpump feelings are amazing, despite normally only lasting for about 2.6 seconds.

Below are our 10 favourite #minifistpump moments when it comes to ordering takeaway, and we’d like you to let us know what number 11 should be…

There’s a Β£5 JUST EAT voucher in it for the best ones, so get your thinking caps on and share your favourite takeaway #minifistpump moment in the comments below.

1) When you have the saddest lunch in the world at work and decide you’ll make up for it by ordering takeaway for dinner.

2) Receiving a text message from a spouse/housemate/parent that simply says, ‘Takeaway tonight?’

3) Excitedly scrolling through all the mysterious-sounding dishes on JUST EAT like you’ve just discovered takeaway. (Even though you’ll probably just have your usual bhuna.)

4) That glorious moment when your order’s been confirmed, and you can finally relax.

5) Thoughtfully browsing through the entire Netflix collection to choose the perfect takeaway accompaniment. Only to end up sitting through a repeat of The Shawshank Redemption on ITV.

6) Hearing a scooter and inadvertently doing a special little dance to the window to see if it’s your takeaway.

7) Hearing the actual takeaway scooter arrive, and not just your neighbour’s moped this time.

8) Noticing a cheeky freebie in the bag as you take it into the kitchen. #minifistpump

9) That first, incredible, glorious little bite. And every subsequent chomp, shlurp, tear and dip.

10) Waking up the next day to find leftovers in the fridge. Breakfast anyone?

11) Over to you…

(Psst, usual Ts and Cs apply, which you can read here)