Pairing your wine with your dinner might be a well known way to make your food taste better, but who knew that pairing your music to your food can actually help you enjoy it more?
We roped in an expert in sensory research and got him him to test the best tunes to match your takeaway…

But, before we reveal our findings, and share with you an expert playlist, curated by none other than Radio 1 DJ, Sarah Cox, give it a go yourself and see how many takeaways you can match to their musical counterparts.


Trying out Thai food tonight? Which tracks are as atmospheric as your food is aromatic?

You’re about to tuck into a cheeky Chinese… how can you make those spring rolls sing?

Mama mia! Italian is on the menu tonight… but what’s on the stereo?

Going Japanese with a sushi supper? Which tunes will enhance the experience?

It’s curry night… how do you make those bold spices really pack a punch?

Find out how you did...


Still think we made it all up? Click here to read all about our findings…