Nugs. Nug-nugs. Nuggies. Nuggets. Nuggzilla. Nuggie boos. Chimkin nuggers. Chicken Nuggets. Chickholas Nuggbert. Call them what you will, but one thing is undeniable: everybody loves ‘em (especially if they are dinosaur shaped).

We love them so much we decided to shine a spotlight on the golden goodies and find out a bit more about them.

Who invented them?

Whilst it’s normally thought that ‘Maccies’ are the genius behind the nugget, records show that the inventor of everyone’s favourite form of chicken is none other than (drum roll)… Robert C. Baker! A food science professor at Cornell University in the States.

Baker came up with the chicken nugget in 1963, eighteen years before the little beauties appeared on the menu at the golden arches.

Nuggets today

Bite sized, filled with flavour and versatile, the chicken nugget (originally an alternative to the burger) soon became to the people’s favourite takeaway treat.

From its humble beginnings in the 60s its popularity grew and grew until it became a true pillar of our society. Here are some notable highlights the nugget-mania that is sweeping the globe.

The Start

Like all good things it started in the mid noughties. First, Bolt revealed he used nuggets to fuel his world record breaking races, then in 2009 King Curtis said what we were all thinking: nuggets are family!

Fast forward a few years and you have a teenager named Carter becoming the most retweeted Twitter user of all time when he asks Wendy’s for free nuggs. The hashtag #nuggsforcarter trends for months.

Nuggs are now officially mainstream

You now have a festival in London solely dedicated to the golden beauties.

A lad proposed to his girlfriend by placing his ring in a chicken nugget.

Nugget yoga is now a thing. Oh and for the really clever ones, you can now become a chicken nugget scientist. What a time to be alive.

Nuggets tomorrow

So we can conclude that nuggets are undeniably the symbol of the twenty first century. But what does the future hold for the little fellas? Only you can decide. Order some now and help instate their rightful place as one of the most important inventions of humankind.