London. AKA the Big Smoke. AKA The City. AKA the fried chicken shop capital of the world.

If Hanoi has the ban mhi stand, Naples has the pizzeria and Cancun has the taco stand then London has the fried chicken shop.

Fried chicken is the street food of London. You heard it here first. Controversial? Maybe. Harsh on the traditional chippy? Potentially. Probably correct? Hundred percent.

So let’s celebrate the great British establishment that is the Chicken Shop

Similar names and same unbeatable prices

KFC PFC, FFC, QFC, HFC. Perfect, Funky, Quality, Holy. Fried chicken knows many forms, but one thing’s for sure: you can bet your bottom dollar that all will offer beautiful golden chicken at incredibly low prices.

Want ten wings for under a fiver? Dixy’s will have you covered. Two pieces, two wings, fries and a drink for £4.49? Chicken Cottage will sort you right out. Dreamy.

‘You’re never more than 300 feet away from a chicken shop’

There’s almost 2,000 of ‘em in London, they make a cameo appearance in Nike ads, in grime videos, they have their own Channel 4 show and are just as popular on Youtube thanks to the Chicken Connoisseur. It’s safe to say, chicken shops are now everywhere.

Why everyone loves them

Their glorious, golden goods provide solace and comfort in almost all situations for all kinds of people, from locals who were born and bred in the city to the hipsters looking to make the capital their home, from hungry school kids, to nighttime revellers.

The chicken shop unites us. Its glowing menu boards and ‘vintage’ tiled interiors are a symbol of something we all have in common: our inescapable love for fried chicken, our innate desire to bite through the crunchy gilded batter into that soft, tender meat (preferably dipped in hot sauce) and wash it all down with a refreshing gulp of an ice cold fizz. Absolute bliss.

The first ever London chicken shop.

Whilst the exact origins are shrouded in legend, it is widely believed that KFC opened their first shop in North Finchley, London in 1968. The Colonel masterminded a cunning invasion and before long the whole of the UK was hooked on the majestic snack.

KFC gave birth to a myriad of offspring (refer to the diagram above), with chefs hailing from all four corners of the world. The diversity of the chefs means that each shop uses a unique blend of herbs and spices for their chicken, inspired by the chefs’ tradition and culture. As a result, no two chicken shops taste the same and some people (see the Chicken Connoisseur) have made it their life mission to test, taste and review each one.

Why do all the logos look kind of the same?

In a nutshell, because they’re all designed by one man. That’s right. Behind the infinite variations of the red, white and blue signs (with a portrait of a chicken thrown in for good measure) lies a single chap. His name? Morris Casanova (great name, great name) or Mr. Chicken Man (even better name) as most shop owners refer to him as.

Below is a sample of this great man’s, no this genius’, work.

Where’s the nearest shop near me?

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