Whether you’re Instagramming your dinner or showing the world your baked creations, it’s pretty certain you’ll be labelling your photo with a few foodie hashtags.

While it’s the best way to get some exposure on your pics, there’s a whole world of hashtags to choose from – getting the right one can be a tricky process. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of some of our favourite foodie hashtags and when to use them.

1) #minifistpump

The mini fist pump is the ultimate celebratory hashtag for those little victories. Whether you baked a cake and it wasn’t lopsided for once, or you ordered yourself some tasty nosh, show it some love when you’re tagging.

2) #foodismyboyfriend/#foodismygirlfriend

Night in alone? Getting yourself some top takeaway nosh? Who needs an other half when you’ve got some top grub to indulge in? The only hashtag you need to let everyone know that you’re a strong, independent takeaway fiend.

3) #foodintheair

Because a simple picture of your food on a tabletop won’t cut it, elevate your food to a higher level and get yourself a nice backdrop. Looks particularly good with handheld foods, but extra marks if you can manage to make plated food look awesome too.

4) #nofilter

Let the natural beauty of your food shine through, and save yourself a few precious eating seconds in the process. If you are going au naturel though, don’t forget to let people know with a cheeky no filter hashtag.

5) #nomnomnom

This hashtag perfectly encapsulates that delighted nomming sound you make when you’re busy filling your belly and stringing a coherent sentence together seems impossible. Best used whilst in the process of eating, or for documenting your progress through a large meal. Bonus points if used with a #foodselfie…


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