We’ve all been there – you’ve ordered takeaway, the doorbell rings, and you’re sitting there in your Harry Potter jammies. What do you do?

Back in the day, you’d have to grin and bear it – answer the door, grab your pizza and avoid all eye contact. Well no more – all thanks to the Nosh Knocker.

JUST EAT Nosh knocker

This little beauty eliminates the need for any and all doorstep embarrassment – sparing delivery drivers from having to witness you at your most vulnerable.

Your trusty delivery driver just rings the bell – sliding your takeaway through the door, while a tasty tune plays in the background. All the takeaway, none of the embarrassment.

Nosh Knocker JUST EAT delivery

It’s the brainchild of the massive takeaway fan behind TakeawayInnovations.org – and it fits nearly 82% of standard takeaway deliveries.

If you’ve got an 18″ inch pizza to deal with, don’t worry – just fold it up in two and push it through the slot. Just give it a quick iron once it’s inside – sorted.

Just eat nosh knocker

For the hygiene-conscious, there’s cutting-edge wipe clean technology. For the crime-conscious, it’s fully lockable – no more worrying about hungry cats, ravenous badgers and sticky-fingered neighbours.

Should we start producing the Nosh Knocker?

The Nosh Knocker