Once upon a dinnertime, in the magical world of Just Eat, Cinderella was to attend the office ball, an eligible bachelor would she meet?…

Cindy Ella Watson, better known as Cinderella to her friends, had lived in a flatshare with three other friends for as long as she could remember.

Her flatmates often ignored their domestic duties, leaving Cindy to clean up the communal areas, an additional domestic workload which, on top of the office silly season, had left Cinderella exhausted and a serious doubt for the office Christmas ball.

Yet, somewhat begrudgingly she had agreed to attend. Afterall, Mark from accounts, widely considered the most eligible accountant in all of Chingford, was going to be there.

Dolled up to the nines, Cinderella glided into the Christmas ball, glass slippers, beautiful dress ‘n all. There was, however, one downside to the evening – the food. By the time she had arrived the buffet had been depleted to bite-sized portions.

“Whoever thought that mince pies would be enough, clearly doesn’t know suitable food stuff” quipped Cindy to Mark, drawing a smile from his equally famished face. For the rest of the evening they talked, they laughed, they danced and they darted. But to cure her rumbling tummy, at 11:59 she departed.

Cinderella knew that this was the perfect moment, comfortably allowing her a full 7 hours of sleep ahead of tomorrow’s all important weekly regional status call, and also giving her the chance to summon food from her fairy-foodmother, Just Eat, before her favourite Turkish restaurant closed, Istanbul Grill.

All that was left now was to place her order, but this was the most difficult part. She browsed through all of the options; delicately spiced Lamb Kofte topped with generous dollops of fresh Tzatziki, thinly sliced Shawarma meat, wrapped in a thick coat of Hummus and a blanket of pita bread; or a classic charcoal-grilled Chicken Shish with juicy, fresh peppers? After placing her order she put her iPhone X down.

Thirty minutes later, her phone buzzed – not just notifying her that a pumpkin-coloured Just Eat carriage was pulling into her drive; but that Mark had just dropped her a cheeky DM on Insta. At this point, she knew her luck was about to change…