Once upon a dinnertime, in the magical world of Just Eat, it was a cold and dark December’s evening, in her tower a Princess was dreaming…

Rosy ‘Rapunzel’ Smith, so called because of her beautiful, long, rope ladder-like hair, sat in her apartment block desperate for a piping-hot meal. She had already braved the cold twice that day, having spent a full day at work she flirted with the idea of attending a yoga workshop (‘Damsels Who De-Stress’) but faced with Arctic conditions, decided against it and returned home. And she had no intention of leaving home again.

As the wind pounded the tower’s double glazing, Rapunzel stared out of the window wondering how on earth she would escape this feeling of emptiness deep in the pit of her stomach. If only her local chinese, Jack Wong’s, beanstalks could extend all the way to her window. In a flash of inspiration, her eyes lit up.

Reaching for her phone, Rapunzel tapped an app and in a flash conjured her fairy-foodmother, Just Eat. Wide-eyed and giddy with excitement, Rapunzel browsed through Just Eat’s hundreds of options.

She saw pizzas of every shape and size covered in thick, velvety layers of melted cheese. Rivers of sweet and sour sauce gleamed as they passed over crispy, golden chicken balls. Thick and creamy chunks of tikka paneer sat aloft soft and fluffy naan breads. Heart aflutter, her mind was made up. Selecting her favourites she placed her order.

Not forty minutes later, a low rumbling sounded in the distance. Rapunzel dashed to her window and watched as a horse-powered carriage pulled into Faraway Drive.  

As it slowed to a stop, out stepped a delivery knight clad in light-reflecting Just Eat armour. Safety first in these dark days. He pulled up outside and called out to her: “Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair, so that I can slide up this tikka paneer”.

Bathed in the orange-glow of the street lights, the delivery knight threaded the strands of plaited hair through the paper handles of the takeaway bag, aromatic wafts of bhaji filling the air.

With her banquet secured, Rapunzel gracefully hoisted it up. As the food ascended Rapunzel smiled, knowing full well that tonight, she would Just Eat happily ever after.

The End.