Once upon a dinnertime, in the magical world of Just Eat, there slept a Sleeping Beauty thoroughly knackered from a night of celebration, fireworks, and bubbled grape juice.

It was New Year’s Day 2018, to be precise, and an entire year of opportunity lay ahead. Yet still, the beautiful woman lay sleeping a dreamless sleep, occasionally breaking her pattern of snores with mumbles of “Pepperoni… Double cheese”, “Zzzzz… Stuffed crust” and “…Order Just Eat”.

As the winter sun began it’s retreat beyond the horizon, thin beams of light squeezed their way through the curtains and nestled themselves on the eyelids of the dozing damsel. Steadily, her eyelids opened and she squinted into the orange light, turning away with a disgruntled sigh.

Beauty had no idea what time it was. Did that light mean it was the crack of dawn, or was it dusk? Breakfast or dinner time? A deep rumbling in her stomach told her just two things for certain. It was time to eat. And it was time for pizza. But where could she order food on New Year’s Day?

With all the grace of a Giraffe attempting a rubik’s cube, hooves covered in butter, Beauty fumbled for her phone on the bedside table, batting several items to the floor, before successfully bringing it to her face. She opened the Just Eat app and added a large pepperoni pizza, complete with cheesy stuffed crust, to her order.

As soon as the order was confirmed, her grip on the phone, held way above her face, failed. Down it came with a thud – hitting her square between the eyes and sending her back into a deep, deep sleep.

Some thirty minutes later, Beauty awoke to the sound of a doorbell ringing. Springing up and sprinting down the stairs, she was able to swiftly return to her bed, pizza box in hand.

Stringing out the cheese from her first gigantic slice of pizza, Beauty noticed a message pop up on her phone. The message, from someone saved only as ‘Charming’, read, “Where r u? Can’t find u”.

Ignoring the message, she took a bite from her slice and grinned. Whatever 2018 would bring, it was certain that when it came to food, Beauty would Just Eat happily ever after.

The end.