Summer’s well on the way, friends. It’s time for BBQ. Don’t settle for boring bangers though, take an expert route to better barbecue with our rundown of the best BBQ foods. Pulled meats, slow-cooked ribs, and tangy toppings – you’ll find ‘em all here.

And since we know that grilling can be a pain, especially with barbecue on the brain, we’ve included some links to find your local grillmasters that deliver too.

Number 1: The Rib

The undisputed champ. Nothing compares to melt in your mouth barbecued ribs. Mammoth-sized tender ribs covered in smokey BBQ sauce, or delicious, 24 hour slow cooked lean ribs. Save yourself the hassle an order them in, you’ll be licking your fingers clean in no time.

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Number 2: The Kebab

“Kebabs second?!” well, yes. Because food on a stick is always more fun. Whether you’re loading up with cheese and grilled veg, or spearing Turkish lamb kofta with pepper and onion. The kebab is a formidable favourite at barbecues.

Want to a local kebab? Click here.

Number 3: The Burger

Beef or veggie, the burger is the go-to personalisable BBQ food. Top it with pulled beef brisket, mature cheddar, bacon, onions, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, chilli sauce, peanut butter… literally whatever you want. As long as you love it, It’ll work.

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Number 4: The Jerk

Originating from Jamaica, the scotch bonnet peppers to give a wholly unique, spicy yet sweet experience. Even better, you can go for Chicken, Goat, Fish and Vegetable.

Explore Caribbean flavours near you, click here.

Number 5: The Steak

Ah, Classic Australian barbecue fare, a simple and succulent beef steak. Get it cooked up just the way you like, then throw a few shrimps on the barbie just for good measure.

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Honorary mention: The Side Dishes

Finally, we need to give a big shout out to all the sides that help these BBQ behemoths do their thing. Coleslaw, grilled vegetables, and fries. It wouldn’t be the same without you, and we love you all equally.

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