You’ve spent the last three days shooting serious side-eye at your sniffling colleague but even that hasn’t prevented you from catching his lurgy. Damn you, Brian. And now you’re wallowing in the misery treacle, feeling proper sorry for yourself.

From minor sniffle to full-on snot fest, we are here for you. Let us (metaphorically) mop your fevered brow and (literally) bring you tasty, hearty food to nurse you back to health. You’re gonna be ok. Everything is gonna be ok.

Chicken ramen

Everyone says you need to eat chicken soup, but ramen is so much better! First of all: noodles. Great stuff. Add seaweed, chili oil, a boiled egg, veggies, whatever your poorly self fancies. Then get it in your face.


Can’t taste much? We hear you. Well, we think that’s what you’re saying, but it all sounds a bit muffled. Anyway, the rich flavours and spicy heat of a curry will give your tastebuds a kick in the whatsits and clear out some of the ickiness.


Speaking of burritos, ask your lover, flatmate or mum to ‘burrito’ you. You know, it’s when someone tucks you into bed, from neck to toes. Oof, cosy. But order your actual burrito from us first and be prepared to re-emerge – adopting the full burrito position prevents use of the hands.

Remember: feed a cold.