It’s Friday, the couch is calling your name, and cooking is the last thing on your mind ­– it’s definitely time for a takeaway. But to make sure you don’t get too hangry deciding what to eat, we’ve rounded up the best restaurants in Newcastle in order of cuisine, so there’s a little something for everyone (even that fussy friend who can never decide on anything… you know the one).

Everything you see on our list has been rated and reviewed by hungry Just Eat customers just like you*, so they really are the best of the best. And if you’re feeling greedy and want to check out some other delicious options, there’s even more restaurants in your area to discover…

8) Pizza – Pegswood Pizza

Everyone loves a slice or six of pizza, and these are definitely too good to share… so you might want to order your own. There’s kebabs, fried chicken and hot dogs too, so if you’re not in the mood for pizza (said no one ever), there’s plenty of other options available.

7) Italian – Ristoranti Verdi

If you’re hungry for a Mediterranean meal, look no further. Here you’ll find pasta, pizza and pollo dishes with that authentic Italian taste – now that’s amoré.

6) Fish and Chips – V Gorman’s Fish & Chips

With its golden-battered cod and fluffy chips, you won’t find a bigger fish to fry than V Gorman’s Fish & Chips. Their chicken breast burger also comes highly recommended.

5) American – Pizza Royale

Craving something from across the pond? A chilli burger with fries from Pizza Royale will really hit the spot. Add some sizzling fajitas, a few peri-peri chicken wings and a nice cold beverage to really live the American dream.

4) English – Jilly’s Homebake

Imagine your Nan delivering that home-made shepherd’s pie you love – that’s Jilly’s Homebake. From toasties, pies and quiches to shortbread, cakes and milkshakes, it’s the best of British delivered to your doorstep.

3) Malaysian – Chilli Padi

If you can stand the heat but you still want to get out of the kitchen, order a dish from Chilli Padi. Their clay pot dishes have been slow-cooked to perfection.

2) Sandwich ship – Upfront Food Express

Climb aboard the Upfront Food Express for a one-way trip to dessert heaven. One taste of their pancake stack and you’ll never look back. You could go for a burger or a panini, but hey, it’s the 21st century, who says you can’t go straight for the sweet stuff?

1) Indian – Rao Balti House

At the Rao Balti House you can gorge on a 7-course meal (that’s right – 7), so you might want to clear your schedule (and the kitchen table). From mild to sweat-inducing heat, there’s something tasty for everyone.

So now that you’ve been given a bit of food for thought, or maybe that should be thought for food, download the Just Eat app or order online here.