Football, rap and takeaway fans – gather round, we’ve got a juicy bit of intel from the one and only John Barnes for you to tuck into. You know the score: you’ve invited everyone round to watch the game but completely forgotten to think about the food. What’s good for sharing? What’s a crowd pleaser? Should I be patriotic with my ordering?

All good questions; all answered below by a man that knows his onions both on and off the pitch. Disclaimer: he doesn’t like sushi, at all. Like, he really doesn’t like it.

So John, what cuisine is the one for the group stages?

In John’s opinion, the group stages are all about just that – the group. The competition is just getting going so it’s wise to ease everyone in with a crowd pleasing classic: Chinese.

‘It’s always good when lots of people come round to have a bit of a buffet style’ he said and we couldn’t agree more. Just make sure it’s spring rolls and not California Rolls because sushi is very NOT on the agenda for Barnesy.

Last 16, talk to me… 

Indian is always good to have’ he says with a smile. Sure is. And as we’re now in the knockout stages and things are hotting up, this seems a very reasonable time to introduce a bit of spice.

‘Quarter finals, you’ve got to splash out a bit…’

Agreed, so?  ‘I just want a bucket of KFC and take it from me folks, the RIB is nicest bit of chicken from KFC.‘ I questioned the choice of piece, that was a mistake… ‘What do you know about what part of the chicken to eat, you look like you’re on a diet! When I order I want 3 pieces and 3 ribs, don’t let them tell you can’t!’ he continues, ‘the leg’s a waste of time, 3 bites and it’s gone.’ That’s that, then.

Quick note if you’re heading round to John’s for the Quarters: we have reason to believe he will take the ribs out and hide them before handing over the bucket. Keep an eye.

‘We’ve made it to the Semi Finals, what now?’

Born in Kingston, Jamaica – Barnes was keen to stay true to his roots for the Semi Finals and order Caribbean. Jerk Chicken or Curry Goat his dishes of choice, John suggests we introduce a bit of sunshine onto our plates for the big game.

Not a meat eater? Try some Ackee and Saltfish. ‘I had 14 ackee trees in my garden in Jamaica’ he recalls. Light and tasty – give Jamaica’s national dish a try ahead of supporting your nation.

‘England are in the Final!’

With the final being on a Sunday, Barnesy nailed it in one: ‘it’s got to be a proper English Sunday Roast then hasn’t it?’ Yes, yes it has.

All the trimmings should hopefully lead to all of the winning for England if we make it that far. Whether you’re religious, say grace, pour the gravy and pray to the football gods for the result we all want.

‘But who do you really think will win?’

‘Brazil.’ Can’t argue with that prediction.

‘Finally, your favourite takeaway dish of all time?’

Chicken Pad Krapow – a fiery Thai classic. His only word of advice was that ‘[if you] go to Thailand, don’t ask for two chillies.’ Cheers John, noted.

So, order a winning dish using the Just Eat app and you could win one of our shiny collectable John Barnes plates and lick the face of a legend. Yeah you heard right.