You’ve tried and tasted them, we’ve checked the reviews, checked them again and created a list of the best takeaways and restaurants that deliver in your area. With over 28,000 takeaways on the Just Eat UK platform we’ve made sure the ones that made that special grade are highlighted with the ultimate badge of honour: the Tried and Tasted award.

The list was compiled in 2016 so the best thing to do is to enter your postcode into the box and take a look at the reviews, and if you do see that special Tried and Tasted badge in the corner, that means that they were extra good.

Updated for 2017 – Local Legend Restaurants 


Sadly Tried and Tasted doesn’t exist everywhere sadly, but rest assured – if you take a look through a restaurant’s details and order from one who isn’t, leave a great review as others use this to find out who the local standouts are.

What is Tried and Tasted?

They are restaurant partners recognised for their consistently high reviews and ratings left by their customers throughout the previous year. So you can guarantee that they’re loved locally, and come highly recommended by Just Eat customers.

In order for a restaurant to receive Tried and Tasted status in 2016 they must have met the following criteria…

  • An average Just Eat rating of 5+ stars out of 6
  • 250+ Just Eat customer reviews in 2015
  • A Food Standards Agency hygiene rating of either 3, 4 or 5 – or a ‘pass’ in Scotland (as of January 2016)
  • Prices advertised to Just Eat customers are the same as those advertised elsewhere

What about Tried and Tasted 2017?

We have plans for a new and revised celebration of the best on Just Eat coming soon, keep checking back on our blog, follow us on Twitter or of course Facebook to keep up to date.

Who were the top 8 from 2016