Introducing WHOPPER® Wednesday to all Just Eat customers.

WHOPPER® Wednesday, that sounds tasty what is it?

Simple, get yourself a WHOPPER ® Sandwich on Just Eat on hump day in the run up to Christmas and you get one free. Woop woop.

Lovely jubbly. But why Wednesday?

And let’s face it, if there’s ever a day of the week when a Burger King goes down an absolute treat, it has to be Wednesday.

Go on…

Wednesday is a day which, no matter which way you look at it, is annoyingly stuck between last weekend and that Friday feeling. It doesn’t matter whether the week is dragging or whether it’s flashing by way too quick, Wednesday is always the day when you take a step back and think ‘whoo, I need the weekend. I need a treat.’

This is where we come in.

Do you deliver a midweek weekend?
Not quite. We can’t make the weekend come any sooner. But what we can do is turn Wednesday from weary to wonderful and give you that treat you crave. And what a royal treat it is. We’re talking about a thick, succulent flame-grilled burger nestled on a bed of fresh salad and tomato and neatly sandwiched between two soft brioche buns. We’re talking about the Burger King WHOPPER ® Sandwich…Delivered. Straight to you.


What’s that? It’s so good you could have it twice? We thought that might be the case. That’s why we’re giving you a second WHOPPER ® Sandwich for free. Yep you read that right for FREE.

So let’s get this straight. Just to be sure, you order one WHOPPER ® Sandwich and you get a second WHOPPER ® Sandwich. And…it’s free?

Yep. You’re not dreaming. You order a Burger King WHOPPER ® Sandwich on Wednesday and you get another one. And if you buy another WHOPPER ® Sandwich in the same order, you get another WHOPPER ® Sandwich free. That’s 4 burgers for the price of two. Yeah, wednesday suddenly looks a lot more attractive, right?

And is this a dinnertime offer?

Absolutely not. You can have it for breakfast. You can spice up your office lunch. You can have it for a snack in between meals (and call it bulking). You can share your extra burger with a pal, with a significant other or with a stranger. You can save it for dinner the next day, or if you’re feeling brave you can have it as a palate cleanser after you polished off the rest of the meal. We ain’t judging.

Incredible. Time to order a Burger King

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