As the sun starts sizzling, Britain is beginning to reach fever pitch. Not only is summer on the way, but there’s a royal baby coming too. Glorious.

With this new addition imminent, many may want to feel regal in celebration. How are you planning to commemorate this occasion? Some may choose bunting, others may go with an impromptu performance of the national anthem.

Luckily, Just Eat has a simpler recommendation to bring a taste of the majestic, straight to your door. It is our great honour and privilege to announce that Burger King is now available for delivery.

That’s right, wonderful Whoppers, delectable Bacon Double Cheeseburgers and of course mouthwatering Rodeo’s are all now on the menu.

However, if you’re really looking for the royal treatment this evening, we may have just the thing. A delicious Chicken Royale. While we can’t guarantee it will be delivered in an eight-horse drawn carriage, it will be transported in good time. It may not be accompanied by the crown jewels, although BK do have a lovely selection of paper equivalents available in store.

So, if you’re looking for an illustrious and noble banquet tonight, we heartily recommend the crowning champ of burger based banquets. (In other words, give the Just Eat app a few taps and get a delicious meal dropped off).