Here at Just Eat, we know exactly what’s ticking your take out box in sunny Manchester. So read on and discover who’s got the good grub and the most sought after scran in the city. After all, you guys know best…

Char Char Grills

Char Char Grills is a blend of African & Caribbean Cuisines and is all about the grill and the glaze. Choose from plain, pineapple & coconut, honey BBQ, spicy sweet peri, hot & spicy, or kickin jerk. Phew!

Make sure your try their…

Chicken wings. It’s all about the sauce, y’all.

You say:

‘The food is amazing. Exciting and well balanced flavours. Consistently delicious. Fast delivery too.’

Kashmiri Spice Rusholme (Spice Kitchens)

You can find Spice Kitchens on Manchester’s famous Curry Mile. They’ve been going for over ten years and you can grab yourself some classics, unique dishes & even some fast food options.

Make sure your try their…

Chef’s special Tikka Masala

You say:

‘Quality meat. The food was delicious, mix grill starter amazing, chicken madras and chicken korma lovely, plus big portions. Would definitely recommend.’

Theo Dore

Located in Middleton, Theo Dore offers Greek Kebabs, Greek Tzatziki, Greek salad, pizzas, burgers and more, from a team of foody experts in Greek and Italian cuisine.

Make sure your try their…

Kota Souvlaki. That’s grilled chicken kebab served with tzatziki and salad.

You say:

‘Absolutely fabulous. The freshly baked pita breads were a delight, the crispy halloumi was delish and the chicken was moist like grass on a summers morning.’

Italian Express

Gourmet pizzas, risotto, salad, pasta, homemade desserts…with over ten years experience, Italian Express know what they’re doing. And you guys love them. Bella!

Make sure your try their…

Texan Pizza – that’s a BBQ base topped with mozzarella and chicken.

You say:

‘The food and service from this restaurant is great. I order often and have yet to be disappointed.’


Zak’s offer flamed grilled chicken or a tasty barbecue. Also on the menu are burgers, Indian dishes and pizzas. Basically, everything you’d ever want for a Friday night in…

Make sure you try their…

Red Donner Kebab on Naan, flavoured with herbs and spices.

You say:

‘Spot on. Nothing from here disappoints. Top takeaway!’

Barney’s Diner

Fan of American style diners? Then this your place. Describing themselves as ‘Americana on a plate’ you can tuck into shakes, big breakfasts and in their own words, ‘fresh and delicious gourmet junk.’

​Make sure you try their…

The Good Burger. Choose a buttermilk chicken or beef patty with Swiss cheese, beef tomato, red onion and burger sauce.

You say:

‘Generous portions. And some scrumptious onion rings on the side. They have a lot of variety, especially with cheeses and sauces.’

So there we have it. The people have spoken. Next time you’re ordering in and don’t know what to get, delve into one of our super six. Variety is the spice of life, after all.