An Ode to the Sandwich

Ye beautiful and bountiful bundle of happiness
Embellished with flavour and banishing sadness
Salted beef and a mustard spread
Placed on a buttered slice of bread
Toasted or fresh it doesn’t matter which,
You’ll always be my beloved Sandwich.

By John ‘Just’ Keat

Forever reliable, the sandwich is always there. Sometimes quiet, other times brash, sometimes simple other times intricate, the sandwich accompanies us in all walks of life shining a ray of light when we need it the most.

At Just Eat, we think it’s high time someone celebrated this formidable dish and have compiled a list of the best sandwiches you can order. But first, let’s take a step back and introduce the inventor of this essential pillar of society.

Allow us to recount the legend of John Montagu, also known as…

Lord Sandwich

The year is 1762. It’s a cold winter’s night in Kent, England. In a little, smoky room tucked away on the west wing of Lord Montagu’s palatial home, half a dozen noblemen are huddled round a table, locked in an intense gambling marathon.

Our hero had started the night in confident fashion. But as time wore on, his opponents got fiercer and his energy started to wane. With every grumble of his stomach, his resolve weakened.

Something had to be done. He needed food. Proper food. Food for champions. He needed bread and he needed meat. In flash of inspiration he summoned a waiter and demanded meat in bread. Genius. Absolute, pure genius.

The rest, as they say, is history. Montagu not only went on to strip his opponents of their winnings but he also coined the iconic dish we all love. The Sandwich.

The sandwich is a meal that demands a voracious first bite and completed only with sauce all over one’s face and a wide smile of satisfaction. With this in mind, we’ve compiled a shortlist of the sandwiches Montagu would be most proud of today.

The Magnificent Seven: our definitive guide to the best sandwiches ever


The Burger King Double WHOPPER™ Sandwich

Yep, that’s right technically the WHOPPER™ is a sandwich. And a cracking one at that. The legend states that the original sandwich was beef in bread. Burger King have taken that tradition to the next level with their Double WHOPPER™. Two girthy quarter pounders topped with juicy tomatoes, fresh cut lettuce, creamy mayonnaise, crunchy pickles, and sliced white onions on a soft sesame seed bun? Yes please. If Montagu were alive today, he’d surely be on Just Eat ordering one of these beasts.

Bacon ButtyBacon butty

The Bacon Butty is an ancient British remedy, old as time itself. The smell alone is said to cure the most severe case of ‘man flu’. For maximum effect, ensure you ask for thick slices of well buttered bread and top the whole creation with a splatter of Ketchup. So next time you wake up in need, have a gander on Just Eat, we’ve got plenty of bacon butty saviours.

Classic BLT

The more refined cousin of the bacon butty. With the simple addition of lettuce and tomatoes, you can turn the breakfast sarnie into a classic BLT – a solid lunch choice. The BLT has everything you need: greens (lettuce), veg (tommies) and protein (the bacon) and carbs (the bread) what more can you ask for in a sandwich?

Meatball Marinara from Subway

Any Italian worth their salt will tell you the best part of a Spag Bol’ is mopping the sauce up with a chunk of fresh bread. Our pals at Subway know this. And have gone one step further, putting the meaty sauce in the bread, creating the Meatball Marinara. Genius. To properly enjoy the sandwich, throw caution to the wind. Forget napkins or any form of cutlery. Lose yourself in mouthfuls filled with juicy meat drenched in the tomato sauce (invented by the founder’s mum herself).

Tuna MeltTuna Melt

Cheese makes everything better. Fact. Melted cheese makes everything GREAT. Also a fact. The proof? Add cheddar to a tuna sandwich and grill it. Boom, there’s your deliciously indulgent Tuna Melt. Sink your teeth into the bread and feel the melted cheese envelop your senses; the creamy, stringy cheese perfectly complementing the saltiness of the tuna. Oooft. So. Bloomin’. Good.


A Subway steak and cheese

This has to be one of the best sandwiches in existence. Best served in warm Italian herb and cheese bread, ensure the first layer is a caramelised onion chutney. Then add the steak and top it off with extra cheese. We recommend peppers and olives as salad options. Simple and crunchy, they give the sandwich the fresh edge it deserves. Get the whole thing grilled and you’re ready to order a lunch fit for a Lord.

Burger King Chicken RoyaleThe Burger King Chicken Royale

The beauty of the sandwich is that it enables you to put all your favourite things in bread, somehow enhancing their taste. Fried chicken with mayo is already one of the best double acts in the gastronomic world, but squeeze them in between two slices of bread and you have something that is simply next level. Hats off to Burger King who have nailed it with the Chicken Royale, a sandwich that is somehow light yet fulfilling, fresh yet luxurious, truly a feast fit for a king. And you know the best bit? You can get it delivered straight to your door, with a tap on the Just Eat app.

Bonus: a hidden gem


Last, and certainly not least, is our hidden gem. If you’re lucky enough to have a Portuguese restaurant on Just Eat near you, then make sure to try a decadent Franchesinha. The ingredients? Wet-cured ham, linguiça sausage, steak and roast meat. The two slices of bread are then covered with melted cheese (egg is also a common addition) before the whole thing is drowned in a hot, thick tomato and beer sauce and served with french fries. Do we need to say more?

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