World most wonderful pizzas

This week our minds were blown when our Canadian counterparts (JUST EAT lives in no less than 13 countries, don’t-you-know?) introduced us to the concept of the pizzapop. In layman’s terms, that’s a slice of pizza on a stick. So that got us looking around for other preposterous pizzas to feast our eyes on. Here’s what we found…

1) Pizza lollipop
As mentioned above. No napkins, no messin’. (Pic: Mamma’s Pizza)

2) Big breakfast pizza
Sure, we’ve seen these various components on a pizza before, but nothing quite as ballsy as an actual, full-on English brekkie on a pizza. Brings a whole new meaning to the saying, ‘tonight’s takeaway, tomorrow’s breakfast’. (Thanks to Tom Insam for the pic)

3) The $1,000 snack
We’ll never, ever feel bad again about upgrading to stuffed crust after stumbling upon this decadent deep pan in New York. We sure hope they don’t expect you to pay extra for dips…

4) The Inception pizza
multi-topping pizza
Sure, why have one pizza when you can have 20 little ones? We started trying to get our head ’round how this works, but then we started feeling all dizzy like we’d just seen a Christopher Nolan film. We need to lie down now.
(Via Trendhunter)

5) JUST EAT mini fist pump pizza
‘Oh, how did this one get in here!?’ etc. etc. Yeah, as we launched our mini fist pump truck this week (which has been dishing out free pizza all over the capital) we thought we’d blow our own cheese-covered trumpet a bit. We plan to bring the truck to a town near you soon, so watch this space…