Lights, camera, order, action…

We’ve teamed up with The X Factor to bring you the ultimate Saturday and Sunday night experience – because nothing’s better than tucking into your favourite flavours whilst watching your favourite TV show.

We’re taking this opportunity to shine a spotlight on the real ‘unsung superstars’ of Saturday and Sunday nights in – the legendary local chefs that work tirelessly to make your TV dinners tastier across the UK, week in, week out.

Introducing Chef Factor

We’ve launched a nationwide search for those chefs that can’t help but sing along to their favourite songs every time they have a Little Mix in the kitchen.

And, if your local chef turns out to be an undiscovered talent, you may well be seeing them entertain the nation during our mini TV ads. So keep your eyes peeled and listen out for more information on how ‘Chef Factor’ is going to make your weekends even more entertaining.

What else? We’re also going to be treating you to exclusive behind the scenes content and ticket giveaways throughout the series. So keep an eye on Facebook and Twitter, and check back in to the blog to keep up with the latest news on your new favourite weekend duo. Find out more at