You can order delicious dishes and firm favourites to your door, via fantastical Fire Sticks, Chatbot and more. Experience the magic of Just Eat tonight, the enchanting flavours are sure to delight…

From kitchen, to bike to bedazzling first bite,
Order a deep pan pizza from our website

Get your usual tandoori with just one tap
With the clever memory of our magical app

Fire TV
Command your chicken stir fry to arrive in a tick,
With the modern wand that’s your Fire TV Stick

Ask our straight talking oracle a curry mild or hot?
Wise are all answers of food expert Chatbot

Amazon Echo
Wish your dish to your door, anything goes
Just command it out loud to your Amazon Echo

Apple Watch
There are magical accessories too if you like,
Use our Apple Watch to bring dahl on a bike

Gamers, there’s a secret you must unlock,
It’s to conjure a korma via your Xbox

Behind the scenes, the best of the chefs make dishes for you and me,
Enchanted with flavour, sprinkled with magic from legendary recipes,
And so the meal of your dreams will be whisked to your door, no matter what the weather,
For the stars to align at dinnertime, when everything comes together.