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Last updated on 13/03/2015

The following list of cookies are those used on our site which we have identified as being strictly necessary:

1st Party cookies

A "first party" cookie is either set by Just Eat itself or by a tool using the Just Eat domain. For example, Just Eat uses Google Analytics first party cookies on your machine

Tool/Company Cookie name What does it do?
Just Eat website __RequestVerificationToken_Lw__ This cookie is used to prevent 3rd parties from using Just Eat services as their own
AspNet.ApplicationCookie Just Eat uses a session cookie to store your account information for the duration of the session.
je_restaurant_note Just Eat uses this cookie to ensure that when a customer attaches a notes to their order (intended for the restaurant) it is remembered througout the ordering process (so they don't have to re-type it).
je-ax This cookie is used to store authentication information.
je-banner_cookie Just Eat uses a cookie to track that you have been informed of our use of cookies and have consented to it, in line with recent EU Privacy Law changes.
je-location Just Eat uses this cookie to remember the last postcode the customer used, so that we can provide personalised information for that location and improve their ordering experience.
je-menu This cookie remembers the items in a basket at a particular restaurant's menu

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