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Our Brand

With over 67,000 restaurant partners and 100+ cuisine types available to over 17 million customers worldwide, Just Eat offers more choice than anyone else – catering to every taste, mood, occasion and budget.

We’re making food discovery exciting for everyone – this is our new purpose, and what makes us leap out of bed every morning.

For almost a year we’ve sweated every last detail to make sure we bring our new purpose to life through our brand in a way that only Just Eat can.

The new brand builds on our past and is designed to propel us into a new future, bringing quality for everyone. As we look to continue our growth into more countries worldwide, we’re using this opportunity to bring together all of our different businesses across 13 counties under one, unified brand.

Designed to work seamlessly across all platforms, the new brand brings the entire Just Eat experience together, from restaurant signage through to the app experience. We’ve also spent hours and hours sculpting a new tone of voice that is informed by our values – you’ll start seeing that in our new marketing campaigns, but what we’re really excited about is bringing it through in new tech platforms, giving new and more fun ways to order the food we all love.

Our creative expression is an invitation to share in this excitement. It symbolises our commitment to offer our customers the most diverse choice of food. And it celebrates our restaurants and the flavours they bring.

We use colour in a bold and dynamic way.

Welcome to the new Just Eat - Find your flavourWe're the world's leading marketplace for online food delivery, dedicated to delivering great food. We’ve created a world of choice serving everything from pizza to sushi, burgers to burritos.
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Brighter red

From our early beginnings as a plucky and ambitious start-up 16 years ago, we’ve always been a red brand. Just like everything else, we’ve worked really hard to make sure our new brand takes the very best of what we’ve always done, and makes it even better.

Our new, lead red colour has been made warmer and purer – giving us a more vibrant and contemporary look. Brighter and lighter, it retains the bold colour we’re known for, and gives it an extra shine and sense of quality.

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Colour Rays

We’ve also added a splash of colour, with a new stand-out palette that complements and accentuates our Just Eat red, making it feel even more special. Used in combination, our colours help give us a distinctive new feel, give us much more flexibility in how we design our experience, and have been specially selected to be AA compliant for use on digital platforms.

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A new set of icons has been developed for the user interface, stylistically taking design cues from elements of the typeface. Showing the same charm, energy and attitude of our typeface, they’ve been designed to work within a 16 pixel space, while also complementing the design aesthetic of iOS and Google’s Material Design.

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Our new typeface was picked to reflect our values and tone of voice. It’s fun and youthful, light, crisp and inviting – we use it in a wide range of weights to give maximum flexibility and standout across all media.

Bringing people together

More than just a logistics business, getting parcels that happen to be food from A to B, we’re proud foodies. We know that food makes us all happy, and we’re all about bringing people together around food and food occasions. Food never looks more sad than when it’s sat on its own, and in fitting with our vision of creating the world’s greatest food community, our photography style always shows people enjoying food in different occasions.

Picnics at the park with friends, sushi for lunch at work, or chefs loving the meals they create every day, we celebrate these occasions and show the enjoyment food brings us every day.

Enjoy outdoors
Enjoy apps

Icon style

Our app icon has been designed to stand out not only from other food apps that might be installed, but from other apps from other categories. For our Restaurant Partner apps, we took the same visual cues from our typeface, TP Rubrik Edge, to design the icons for Partner Centre and Driverapp.

Just Eat icon style
Just Eat Driver app icon style
Just Eat Partner Centre icon style
Font Icon
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