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Indian Pizza Halal

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Note: Note: Please note that our dishes contains traces of nuts or bones. Please ask our trained chef for advice if you have any allergens.

A selection of ice cream flavours to choose from.

Served with whipped cream & topped with Rossini Curl

Build your own milkshake

Primitive cooking style recently very popular in Scotland. All the Karahi Dishes are prepared with tomato, ginger & fresh coriander and for extra bite ask for green chillies to be added. Rice included.

Served with rice, cooked with sweet & sour, almond powder & garnished with almond flakes, rice included.

Served with rice, cooked with sweet & sour sauce, almond powder & garnished with almond flakes, rice included.

Cooked in peeled plum tomaotes, cashew nuts, cream served with fried rice.

Rice included

These dishes are cooked in a traditional Moghul style

All dishes can be prepared with:

Ordinary Lamb, Chicken, Veg Prawn £0.50 extra or Scampi

(King Prawn £3.40 extra, Lamb Tikka £1.00 extra)

All dishes are served with rice, salad available on request £0.50 extra

Rice included

All tandoori dishes are cooked in a tandoori clay oven which is heated by charcoal.

This is an ancient way of cooking which has become popular in the UK. All meat cooked in this way is marinated for 24hrs in herbs and spices giving it a unique flavour

Tandoori Dishes are served with salad, rice & gravy

Tandoori Dishes with any other sauce £1.00 extra

Kormas are very authentic fruity, mild dish king of Indian cooking. Indian cooking in India, Korma dishes vary from region to region for their ingredients resulting in different cooking techniques. Here is the selection of the best. Rice included

Traditional feast dish cooked in a special basmati rice

These dishes are cooked in a thick sauce with green peppers, methi, punjabi herbs and spices. Rice included

Cooked with mushrooms, green peppers, onions and a touch of seven spices in a spicy sauce. Rice included

BBQ sauce - all 50p

All kebabs are served with pitta bread, salad & sauce. Small naan for 90p extra. Separate sauce OR salad for 30p extra

Fresh base topped with pizza sauce, cheese & your favourite toppings

All these dishes are breast of chicken rice included.

All dishes can be prepared with Lamb, Mince or Prawns

King Prawn £2.90 extra - mild or hot £0.70 extra

Rice included

Served with salad

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