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Pizza Indian Halal

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All served with vanilla ice cream.

Includes rice OR naan

With mild OR hot 50p extra

Rice not included

Rice not included

Includes rice OR naan. All these dishes are prepared tikka style & cooked with fresh garlic, ginger & special balti. A great tasty dish prepared & served in a balti to required strength

Include rice OR naan. These dishes are prepared in a cast iron (souk), a very rich flavour is obtained by using fresh ginger & garlic, green peppers are also used but can be left out if you wish. For an extra bite ask for green chillies to be added - 50p extra available

Rice not included

Extra topping are available

We use our own fresh dough to prepare the pizzas based on an unique Italian recipe. All our Pizzas have our own special sauce & cheese base

Extra toppings & stuffed crust base available

All served with salad or sauce. Separate salad £1.00 Extra & sauce separate £1.00extra

Served with salad & sauce

Separate salad £1.00& Separate sauce £1.0 Extra

All served with salad & mayo

Meals are served with fries & can of Juice

All served with chips

Comes with chips & Capri sun juice

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