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Note: If you have any food allergies please inform a member of staff before you order

Any dish containing nuts may contain any variety of nut. If you have a nut allergy please inform a member of staff

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All the starters come with salad & mint sauce

Choose from various Classic Curry dishes all cooked to order by our talented chefs. We only use the finest ingredients and spices giving truly amazing flavours.

Bombay Barn Chef Specials

These dishes are created by our chefs

All of our tandoori main dishes are served with salad & mint sauce. Marinated in a special BBQ sauce & grilled in our tandoori clay oven

Chicken tikka - contains nut

Lamb tikka - contains nut

Mixed meat - chicken, beef & lamb

We only use the highest quality Basmati long grain rice. All of our rice dishes are cooked fresh to order and served as large.

Vegetable Side Dishes

Our Pizzas are made to order. We only use the finest ingredients. Our pizzas are all served as a regular crust with light fluffy dough. We use the finest pizza flour and our own specially blended pizza cheese for extra taste. Our pizza sauce recipe is one of the best you will taste.

Choose any of the following with base ingredients vegetable, chicken, chicken tikka, lamb, lamb tikka or prawn. (Chicken tikka, lamb, lamb tikka or prawn add £1 for 10” or £1.50 for 12”)

Add stuffed crust £1.50 10” or £2 12”

Our crispy golden fries, loaded with your choice of curry and ingredients topped with mozzarella cheese and melted in our oven.

Freshly made Parmesan with prime chicken breast. Breadcrumbed, fried until golden and layered with creamy béchamel sauce. Topped with mozzarella cheese then grilled to melt the cheese. You can choose from a variety of toppings. All served with our special fries, separate salad, 2oz chilli & garlic sauce.

All of our kebabs are cooked fresh to order. We only use the best quality ingredients for our kebabs to keep you coming back for more. All of our kebabs are served with a fresh separate salad, pitta bread, chilli and garlic dip.

Try our hand crafted smash burgers!

All made in house to our secret recipe. Each burger is smashed and grilled fresh for extra flavour.

Choose from the following burgers and add as many free toppings as you like!

Our famous Parmo in a bun! Deep fried chicken breast fillets topped with béchamel sauce. Mozzarella and cheddar cheese with your choice of topping and melted. All burgers come with lettuce and mayonnaise in a toasted brioche bun.

Big Barn Kebab Special (Serves 1-2)


Our Barnbabs at Bombay Barn are really popular. An Indian twist on your traditional Donner Kebab. All of our Barnbabs are cooked in a spicy sauce with fried onions and peppers. You can also choose to have them cooked in a traditional curry sauce. All barnbabs are served on a fresh naan with a separate salad, chilli and garlic dip.

All of our wraps come in a fresh large tandoori naan served with salad, chilli & garlic and your choice of filling.

All of our Bombay Tortilla Wraps come with grilled chicken, crispy fried chicken, Donner, Chicken Tikka or Chicken Kebab. Bursting with flavour in our tortilla wraps. Have them on their own or in a meal with fries and a drink.

Check out our creative range of box specials. Perfect to share or eat yourself.

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