The Sundorbon

Indian Curry

68 South Street, Dorset, DT6 3NN

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The recipes at The Sundorbon have been influenced by years of experience in the culinary industry, and the delicious dishes are prepared using only the best quality meats, spices, and vegetables available. Specialising in regional curry dishes, baltis, naans, tandoor dishes, speciality rice, and a large selection of Chef’s recommendations chosen by our award-winning chef, there is something for everyone at The Sundorbon.

Appetizers / Small Plates

Fire up those taste buds with one of our light starters, or it can accompany the main meal to create a raja feast. Accompanied with a dip.

Our house specials are created using unique recipes by our experienced Head Chef of 15 years, using unique blends of spices to bring new flavors into old palates.

Classic Vegetable Sides

All our vegetable dishes are prepared using fresh locally sourced produce.

Try our traditional original recipe classic curries, just like the very first Indian dishes introduced to the UK in the early 90’s.

An elaborate dish made from saffron, ghee and ginger infused basmati rice, cooked with ground spices and coconut. Served with homemade raita (Yoghurt) and curry sauce.

Marinated in fresh homemade yoghurt, mixture of aromatic ground spices, cooked in a charcoal tandoor oven. Served with caramelized onions, fresh homemade salad and mint yoghurt.

Fresh dough made in-house daily, baked at 480 degrees in a traditional clay oven.

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