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Note: Food Allergy & Food Intolerance: Any customer that is subject to any Food Allergy/Food Intolerance should be aware that our products may contain some or more of the following ingredients; crustacea, glutein, milk, sesame seeds, peanuts, soya, eggs, molluscs, fish, nuts, sulphur dioxide, lupin. We are unable to guarantee any of our food has reamined free from a specific allergen. If you have an allergy please let us know of the allergy and its serverity before ordering. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause our customers

All these dishes are served with mint sauce

Traditiional Curry Dishes

Dishes may contain traces of nuts. Please ask for details.

Cooked in clay ovens and then cooked with a special tandoori sauce.

Balti dishes are aromatic and spicy, but not hot and should be eaten with a nan bread or chipati or pilau rice.

All these dishes can be prepared to suit your individual taste.

Chicken, lamb or king prawn marinated in herbs, spices and baked in a clay oven, served as it should be. Traditional style.

All bread is freshly baked for each meal and served hot.

Please leave your choice of sauce in the comments section

Served with chips

Any main meal

Pilau rice or chips

Chips or any nan

Any starter any main meal any rice or chips, any Nan or chips

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