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Indian Curry

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Note: Food allergies & intolerances: Customers are advised to let our staff know if any food may cause an allergic reaction prior to ordering. If you would like to know the ingredients of a particular dish, our manager will be happy to assist

Tandoori & tikka dishes are not curries. They are marinated, skewered & cooked in a clay oven which is fired with charcoal

Tandoori dishes are served with green salad & mint sauce

A flavour palatable for every kind of constitution, this dish is made to suit your taste

Served with naan bread

Of Central Asian origin, these are rich, very aromatic but mild dishes. They consist of special saffron rice treated together with meat or chicken, fish or vegetables in spiced ghee with almonds & sultanas. Served with vegetable curry suited to your taste. A comprehensive preparation of delicate character. Suits almost every kind of palate - especially recommended for beginners

All dishes are not served with rice

A delicate preparation of yoghurt, cream, nuts, sultanas & spices producing a mild but rich creamy texture

All served with pilau rice

Meals for 2

Only available every Monday, Tuesday & Thursday evenings

Set meals for 2

Only available every Friday, Saturday & Sundays

Both meals are available for vegetarians

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