Agra Restaurant

Indian Curry

137 Whitfield Street, London, W1T 5EL

Delivery from 18:30

Note: All chicken and meat dishes are off the bone, unless otherwise stated

If you have any medical problems or Allergies to any of our foods, please let us know prior to placing your order.

All Halal dishes

25% Discount on any minimum order of £15.00.

Tandoori ovens are made from clay, and are used for baking bread, fresh poultry and fresh meat.

Combination of rice cooked together with either

poultry, lamb, prawns or vegetables. All Biryani

dishes are medium spiced and served with

vegetable curry dishes.

Agra Special Biryani

All served with vegetable curry

Cooked in a Balti pan. It has a beautifully

delicate flavour. Dishes contains


It is traditionally cooked and served in a woklike dish called a Kahrai.

Vegetable curry or bhaji (dry veg)

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