AimZ Tasty Box Limited

Burritos Desserts

12-14 Bold Street, Leigh, WN7 1AL

Delivery from 12:50

All burritos are served with main filling you choose , Rice ,Red kidney Beans,All Salad, different sauce in different burrito ,

Cheese ,sweetcorn,jalapeños,Guacamole on choice .

Please feel free to ask thing before placing order

Serve with 3 Burrito . 3 milkshake Glass16oz. Fries Portion. 3 dipping Sauce .

Aimz Waffles Collection

Aimz Pancake collection .

Choose any !

This is Ice cream Falooda comes in , choosen flavour of ice cream, Basil Seed traditionally called (Tukh Malanga) and Vermicelli with traditional Drink(Syrup) of Rooh Afza (Sweet & Tasty) .

Must Try !

Please ask anything before placing order if anything unclear to you .

Thank you

Crushed Ice comes with proper

Flavoured Sauce as you choose .

Must try !

Aimz Frappuccino Collection

Aimz Smoothies Collection

Choose mixed fruits 2 or 3 option together

Old School Pudding Tarts

All Tarts are served with hot plain custard

•You can choose any flavour of ice cream separately with Chocolate Lava Pudding and not comes custard with this .

Serve with hot Custard

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