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Indian Curry Halal

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All tandoori dishes are grilled in the tandoor over a charcoal fire, resulting in a distinctive flavour, served with salad & mint sauce

Exotically spiced dishes prepared with a medium masala, cooked in a traditional iron balti

A lightly spiced dish prepared with a tender basmati rice, cooked with meat or vegetables to provide a wholesome dish, garnished with ground nuts & served with a side vegetable curry

These medium dishes are slightly spiced & cooked generously in a curry sauce

Fairly hot curries which are delicately spiced with a hint of lemon flavour

These curries are extremely hot & are complimented  with hot spices & diced potatoes

These are very mild dishes, cooked in a thick creamy sauce with a distinctive coconut flavour

These are medium dry curries, highly spices with rich sauce, various spices & fresh coriander

A collection of spicy medium dishes, prepared with finely chopped fried onions

These dishes are spicy but not very hot, cooked with fresh tomatoes & topped with fried onions

These are medium curries cooked with fresh spinach, chopped onions & fresh coriander

These medium curries are slightly dry, prepared with green peppers & tomatoes & cooked in an iron karahi, served sizzling

These are very hot dishes, cooked in a rich sauce with sliced fresh green chillies providing a distinctive flavour, a popular hot curry

These dishes are cooked with a lentil base, giving three distinctive tastes, sweet, sour & spicy, served with a portion of pilau rice

These are slightly hot curries prepared with chopped onions & a hint of lemon

A careful selection of light vegetarian dishes to compliment your main course

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