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Note: Allergens and Intolerances

Please note most of our dishes contain certain allergens. Please enquire about your food when ordering and we will be happy to advise you on your choices

All brownies are served with custard upgrade to gelato instead for £0.50p

Gelato is an authentic Italian ice cream, which has lower calories, fats and sugars

than other ice creams. Our gelato’s are made with the freshest ingredients

making them creamier, denser and full of mouth watering flavours that you just

won’t be able to resist.

This dessert is made up of our signature gelato’s. these are topped off with our premium sauces, cream, fresh fruit and wafers.

Freshly baked to perfection, keeping the dough gooey and soft. All served with a scoop of luxury vanilla gelato and drizzled with Belgian chocolate.

Can't make your mind up on a waffle or cookie dough why not try our new wookie dough a waffle stuffed with a milk chocolate cookie dough!

Topped with milk chocolate and served with vanilla gelato

A mouth watering delicious range of belgian waffles are available to chose from.

This includes the ak's specialicious. Which is the house favourite.

All waffles are accompanied by vanilla gelato. 

This can be upgraded to flavoured gelato of your choice for an extra £1.

Old School Puddings and Brownies

All old school pudding and brownies come with custard upgrade to a gelato instead for only £0.50p

Our thick creamy shakes are blended to perfection.

A luxurious vanilla gelato is accompanied by any chocolate of your choice from any of the following for £3.95

Satisfy your taste buds with our wide range of classic and luxurious cakes.

Add any one flavor gelato to accompany your slide for only £1!

A smaller served delicacy for the smaller ones in our families.

Hot crispy churros served with a pot of Belgium chocolate sauce

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