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Balti is a type of Kashmiri curry originating centuries ago in an area known as Baltistan (North Pakistan). Famous with the Moghul emperors for its aromatic spices of Kashmir the taste is both simple & yet complex in its flavours. Cooked in utensils which has been substituted for the balti (special Indian wok) it seals in the flavour & cooked in its own juices. Reinvented in the West Midlands of England

Baked with pilau rice & spices, garnished with tomato & cucumber, served with vegetable curry

Vegetable Side Dishes

Tandoori & tikka dishes are marinated in yoghurt with garlic, ginger, chillies & spices & cooked in a clay oven over burning charcoal. All dishes served with a salad

Introducing a Selection of New Dishes

Curried in rich spices, diced onion & green peppers

Curries of The Asian Orient

Made with fresh & vegetables & flavoured with the finest of spices

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