Ali's Kebab & Curry House

Kebab Curry

832 Manchester Road, Lancashire, OL11 3AW

Delivery from 17:35

Every pizza is baked to order on a freshly made base. All pizzas are deep pan and are topped with mozzarella cheese with selected Italian herbs

All curries comes in a large portion

Served with salad and choice of sauce

Marinated in yogurt with delicate herbs and spices and cooked in a clay oven over a charcoal fire. Served with pilau rice, curry sauce and fresh salad.

In pitta or naan.

Served with salad and choice of your sauce

Peppers, tomatoes, onion, spicy sauce on naan bread.

Served with salad and a choice of sauce.

Served with chips, salad and can

Asian style curry

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