All Wrapped Up

Fish & Chips Pizza

64 Warwick Road, Cleveland, TS10 2LE

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All pizzas are available as BBQ base.

Pizzas are made using fresh, handmade dough

Extra toppings are available

Extra toppings:


Vegetables (Suitable for Vegetarians)

Cheese (Suitable for Vegetarians)

Doner Meat

Served in pitta bread with choice of chilli or garlic sauce

Served with salad & sauce

Served with chips, salad & garlic OR chilli sauce OR coleslaw

Made with fresh hand cut chicken breast

Extra toppings are available for half & full parmesan

Hot shot option (pepperoni, jalapenos & onion)

Avaiable for half & full parmesan

Served in a bun with salad and sauce

Add splash for 0.40p extra

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