Indian Curry Halal

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Note: Please note, fish, poultry and shellfish dishes may contain bones and/or shell. Please be aware dishes

are prepared in kitchens where allergens are present, therefore we cannot guarantee that any food

item is completely free from traces of allergens. Our menu descriptions do not list all ingredients.

Please ask for further information on any allergy advice

(N) Contains nuts, (D) Contains dairy, (G)

Contains gluten, (E ) Egg, (VG) Vegetarian, (C) contains shellfish

These dishes are marinated in spices and grilled in the clay oven served with salad and mint sauce

Cooked medium heavily spiced and balti paste, decorated with onion and cucumber served with naan bread.

Contains: Gluten

These dishes are cooked with basmati rice and slightly spiced served with vegetable curry

(For main dish add £2.00)

All dishes served with chips and salad

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