Indian Curry

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These dishes are marinated in a mixture of spices & cooked in clay oven. Medium hot & served with fresh salad & mint sauce

Cooked in red masala sauce & consisting of ground almonds

Similar to bhuna dishes, medium hot & prepared with coriander, green chillies & strongly spiced

Special preparation of basmati rice treated together with meat, prawn or chicken in ghee butter with delicious spices & herbs, served with a vegetable curry

A special mild curry cooked with pineapple banana & cream

Mild & creamy curry cooked with banana

Mild spices in which fresh cream is used to create the delicacy of its flavour & creamy texture

A medium hot curry with a wide range of oriental spices, giving a rich flavour

A medium hot curry with mushrooms

A combination of spices fried together providing a dish of medium strength & rather dry consistency

Spicy, medium hot & cooked with tomatoes

Medium strength, similar to bhuna where fresh onions are fried briskly & mixed with spices

Dry, medium hot, cooked with garlic & coriander

A South Indian version of the dishes popular in fairly hot Central & Eastern India, having greater proportion of garam spices giving a richness

Very hot cooked with potatoes

Fairly hot with coconut flavour

Ameera special variations

The taste is so exclusive. It cannot be described only enjoyed

Spicy, fairly hot & cooked with sliced onions & fresh chillies

Medium dry curry, hot, cooked, with onion, capsicum & green chillies

Cooked with roast potato, strongly spiced with coriander

Most popular dish of rich medium hot dishes cooked with spinach, onion, garlic, tomatoes & spices

Sweet, sour & hot, rather dry

Sweet, sour & hot, cooked with lentils & pineapple

A spicy dry medium hot curry side dish cooked with fresh peppers & tomatoes

Basmati rice, cooked in ghee with tasty ingredients

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