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Note: Customization not permitted on Detroit style or Chicago deep dish pizzas. This is due to the making process being very delicate, and topping disruptions could affect the quality of your pizza.

Our dough is freshly made in house, we use only the best quality ingredients, and weve tried and tested our recipes alongside authentic American pizza for over 20 years.

Size and weight are pre-cooking. Our meats may contain bones and some ingredients may contain nut derivatives. We reserve the right to refuse delivery. Minimum spend for delivery may apply and vary store to store. Prices are subject to change without notice, prices inclusive of vat at the current rate. Allergen information updates available on request

A thick, cheese filled pie with a parmesan baked crust. A full pizza is 12" cut into 8 slices and is very filling!

A thick, rectangular pizza with a crispy caramelised cheese crust & topped with pizza sauce. A full pizza is 8" x 10", cut into 4 slices (so everyone gets the corner piece!)

A thin, hand tossed crust, both crisp and soft

A full pizza is 18" in size and cut into 8 slices

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