AMRIT Pure Vegetarian

Curry Indian

236 Green Lane Road, Leicester, LE5 4PA

Delivery from 18:30

Note: 100% Vegetarian

Food Allergies & Intolerances

Some dishes/sweets may contain traces of nuts, if you have any allergies, please ask a member of staff before placing your order

Please ask about vegan options when ordering

M - milk

MU - mustard

N - nuts

G - gluten

S - soya

All curry meals selected with a bread type include a portion of sliced onions and chilli

All starters include a Tamarind/Imli sauce

Amrit specials

Parotahs & rotis

All Items vary by weight. Approximatly 9-12 pieces per small 500g box depending on chosen sweets. Sweets packed in AMRIT branded mitahee gift box

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