Anmol Indian Takeaway

Indian Burgers Halal

204 East Prescot Road, Liverpool, L14 5NG

Delivery from 17:30

Note: Special offer (Monday-Thursday) Any 3.50 stars +any 6.50 main + with rice or bread £9.95

All served with salad & a mint yoghurt sauce

The following dishes are marinated in spices,

Herbs and natural yoghurt then flame cooked

In a tandoori oven, some served with onions and peppers said of plan curry sauce

Basmati rice stir fried with diced onions & delicate spices. Smothered with an omellete & accompanied with a curry sauce

Very mild & sweet - cooked with cream and coconut

Mild - cooked with cream, herbs and yoghurt and coconut

MIild - cooked with cream , coconut and massala sauce

Mild - cooked with cream, coconuts and topped with melted cheese


Tangy, cooked with capsicum, tomatoes, onions, herbs and spices

Medium spicy, cooked with fried peppers and fried onions

Medium spicy, cooked in a balti sauce with garlic, ginger, herbs and spices

Sweet and sour flavoured with lentils

Diced onions, green peppers and fresh tomatoes, cooked to a thick medium sauce

Medium, cooked with spinach

Spicy, cooked with chunks of onion, green peppers in a thick sauce

A popular hot dish cooked with strips of green peppers, onions, green chillis and warm ground spices

A fairly hot dish with a lemon juice twist

Medium, Sweet and sour

Very hot

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