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American Burgers

Quex Barn Carpark Birchington-on-Sea, Birchington, CT7 0BB

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Adults need around 2000 kcal a day. Equal to 8400 kJ.

From classics to regional sensations. We're trying new things. You should too. Each special is available for a limited time only unless they make it to the main menu.

Applejacks classic collection of authentic American burgers. Check the descriptions for our vegan options.

Burger, Side & Drink Deals. Check the descriptions for vegan options.

Here is where it gets fun folks. Indulge in daring combinations of our dishes. Watch this space for new combinations.

A delicious vegan selection of our Applejacks signature burgers.

A delicious vegan selection of Applejacks side dishes.

Applejacks signature vegan deal options.

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