Art of Chimney Cake

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  • English Breakfast

    A hearty plate of bacon, Cumberland sausage, eggs. tomatoes, mushrooms, hash brown, and toast.


  • Vegetarian Breakfast

    Grilled halloumi, eggs. tomatoes, mushrooms, hash brown and beans.


  • Vegan Breakfast

    Vegan sausage, tomatoes, mushrooms, guacamole, toast and beans.


  • Feel Free to Enjoy Any of These Breakfast Options Nestled Within our Chimney Cake


  • Keto Breakfast

    Scrambled eggs, avocado, sprinkled with black seeds, fried spinach with garlic and tomatoes, topped with salmon.



  • Goat Cheese Omelette with Sun Dried Tomatoes, Spinach and Homemade Pesto


  • Chicken and Chorizo Omelette with Peppers, Onion, Rocket, Cheddar and a Bechamel Sauce


Sourdough Toast

  • Scrambled Eggs and Tomatoes Sourdough Toast

    Creamy scrambled eggs, fresh tomatoes and chives on top of sourdough toast.


  • Sweet Burrata Sourdough Toast

    Burrata, fig, honey and thym


  • Fried Egg and Goat's Cheese Sourdough Toast

    Fried egg, goat's cheese, and blanched spinach on top of sourdough toast.


  • Cherry Tomato and Mozzarella Sourdough Toast

    Cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, avocado and rocket with a sweet glaze on top of sourdough toast


  • Salmon and Avocado Sourdough Toast

    Smoked salmon. avocado, goat's cheese and tomato on top of sourdough toast.


  • Mozzarella, Avocado and Homemade Pesto Sourdough Toast

    Creamy mozzarella. tomatoes. avocado, hornemade pesto and rocket on top of sourdough toast


  • Homemade Beetroot Hummus and Avocado with Nuts Sourdough Toast

    Baked Beetroot. Chickpeas. Garlic. Spices. Sliced Avocado. Rocket & Nuts on top.


  • Poached Eggs and Hollandaise Sauce Sourdough Toast

    Perfectly poached eggs tomatoes and rocket with a rich hollandaise sauce on top of sourdough toast.


  • Create Your Own Sourdough Toast

    Choose any 4 toppings from our selection to create your own unique toast.


  • Spinach, Onion and Mushrooms Sauteed Sourdough Toast

    Scramble eggsm sun-dried tomatoes on top and creamy yogurt on the side


Chimney Sandwiches

  • Chicken Sausage Sandwich

    Topped with tzatziki


  • Pork Sausage Sandwich

    Served With tzatziki.


  • Salami Sandwich

    Topped with spiced salami, mixed salad and dipping sauce


  • Bacon and Egg Sandwich

    Filled with fried egg. bacon, pickled cucumber, mixed salad and dipping sauce


  • Salmon Sandwich

    Filled With smoked salmon. mixed salad and dipping sauce.


  • Veggie Sandwich

    Filled with avocado. mixed salad and dipping sauce


  • Burrata Sandwich

    Filled with cream cheese, black pepper. sundred tornato and aubergine dip.


  • Egg Sandwich

    Filled with fried egg, pickled cucumber, mixed salad and dipping sauce


  • Spinach and Mushroom Sandwich

    Filled with sautéed spinach. onions and mushroorns, sundried tomato and dipping sauce


Cakes & Pastries

  • Cinnamon Chimney Cake


  • Vanilla Chimney Cake


  • Coconut Chimney Cake


  • Walnut Chimney Cake


  • Chocolate Chimney Cake


  • Rainbow Chimney Cake


  • Pestel De Nata


  • Orange Cake



  • Vegan Coconut Pancakes

    Served with jam coconut yogurt, fresh fruits and maple syrup


  • Vegan Nutty Pancakes

    Made with peanut buter fresh fruits, and vanilla custard


  • Vegetable Pancakes

    Spinach, onions, mushrooms and sundried tomatoes topped with cheese and dipping sauce on the side



  • Spinach Super Fuel 340ml

    Pineapple. Kale, Spinach


  • Pineapple Surprise 340ml

    Pineapple. Mango. Pear


  • Strawberry Delight 340ml

    Banana. Strawberry. Peach


  • Blueberry Bliss 340ml

    Mango, Papaya, Raspberry. Blackberry


  • Raspberry Dream 340ml

    Mango. Raspberry. Papaya, Grape


  • Strawberries and Bananas 340ml


  • Mangoes and Passion Fruit 340ml



  • Banana, Kiwi, Spinach, Honey and Milk 340ml


  • Banana, Cacao, Dates, Peanut Butter and Milk 340ml


  • Banana, Celery, Orange, Peanut Butter and Milk 340ml


  • Blueberry, Banana, Oats and Milk 340ml


  • Avocado, Grapes, Oats and Milk 340ml


  • Kale, Avocado, Banana, Oats and Milk 340ml


  • Celery, Avocado, Banana, Oats and Milk 340ml


Coffees and Hot Drinks

  • Iced latte 280ml


  • Iced Americano 280ml


  • Iced Mocha 280ml


  • Iced Chai 280ml


  • Iced Chocolate 280ml


  • Espresso 280ml


  • Americano 280ml


  • Long Black 280ml


  • Macchiato 280ml


  • Cortado 280ml


  • Latte 280ml


  • Cappuccino 280ml


  • Flat White 280ml


  • Mocha 280ml


  • Hot Chocolate 280ml



  • Egg-Topped Bacon Salad

    Made with lettuce, crisp bacon, sliced grilled halloumi and tomatoes, sliced onions, cucumbers, garlic sauce roasted sunflower seeds and poached egg.


  • Greek Salad

    Made with tomatoes, cucumbers, pepper, red onion, and feta, served with olive oil and balsamic vinegar



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