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A style of cooking originating in the North West frontier applied to chicken, lamb & king prawn. These dishes are served with fresh salad & mint sauce

All served with pilau rice unless stated

Cooked with ground almonds in a creamy sauce with coconut

Balti is a dish originating from baltistair Northern part of Pakistan. Any dish can be cooked hot with green chilli


Fairly hot

Cooked in a hot sauce

Cooked with lentils & flavoured with fenugreek lance with sweet & sour hot sauce

Highly spiced dish, prepared in enriched thick sauce for sweet & sour & hot sauce

Cooked with capsicum, chopped onions, fresh green chillies & lemon juice

A combination f spices & herbs, fried together to provide a dish of medium strength & rather dry consistency as compared with curry

The unique character of the dish is dried from the use of tomatoes & onions fried in special oil & Ideal for these who like tomatoes

Meat mixed with basmati rice & served with a separate curry

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